Food Truck Builds Miami is a site dedicated to helping aspiring food truckers in Miami learn about food truck business and find food truck builders in Miami to help them build the perfect truck.

Getting your food truck off the ground and turning it into a rolling success is no easy task – but it’s our aim to help by providing food truck industry advice, mobile food business tips, as well as a plethora of other online resources and educational guides.

We aim to deliver quality content to help mobile food truckers start and continue their foodie endeavors. From food truck build contacts to food truck marketing tips, social media advice, and menu advice, Food Truck Builds Miami aims to be one of your top educational resources when learning about the food truck business.

Why food trucks? The business of food trucks is on the rise, and trends show that foodies’ love of food trucks is no passing fad. With cities across the country finding increasingly more food trucks parked around town each year, food trucks offer the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs and chefs looking to start their own business.

We wish you the best of luck and hope we can help you along your food truck journey!

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