Food Truck Supplies: What You’ll Need

What supplies will you need for your Miami food truck? Of course it depends on what type of food you’re selling, but some regular essentials include:

Napkins, Paper Plates, and Utensils. You’ll need to have some basic dry goods for your customers to use, with napkins, paper plates, and eating utensils. You may also need to-go boxes, carry out bags, salt and pepper packets, ketchup and mustard, etc.

food truck kitchen supplies

Cleaning Supplies. It’s essential that you keep your food truck neat, tidy, and clean. This will ensure that you pass local health inspections, as well as make sure that your customers have a positive experience. This means running the gauntlet and loading up with cleaning supplies, including disposable food prep gloves, scrubbers, hand sanitizers, recycling bins, trash bins, spray bottles, dust pans, and more.

Kitchen Appliances. Your Miami food truck may be all set with the kitchen tools and accessories needed, but if not, you can also order extra griddles, butane stoves, and hot plates.

food truck supplies

Kitchen Accessories. Your food truck will also need kitchen tools such as dispensers, tongs, knives, scoopers, aprons, pots, pans, kitchen thermometers, scrapers, spatulas, etc.

A Great Staff. A friendly and likeable staff will keep your customers coming back for more meals to come. Hiring a great fun, friendly staff is one of the most important things a food truck can do to ensure success.

GPS Unit. This isn’t a requirement, but some food trucks make use of GPS units to support their food truck business. The reason behind this is that location-oriented services are essential in the food truck world. Location-based devices enable your Miami food truck to tweet out your current location, update fans on traffic troubles, and build a strong repoire with customers, who learn how to find your location and how to ensure that you’ll be parked where you say you will be.

Social Media Accounts. Another essential supply for your Miami food truck will be your social media accounts! In the bustling city of Miami, establishing a strong social media presence is of the utmost importance. You’ll want to set up social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (Pinterst, Vimeo, and others are beneficial as well, but you can add those on later). Create detailed profiles, set up your locations to Miami, and begin interacting with local foodies to create buzz.

Chalkboard or Dry Erase Board. Chalkboards or dry erase boards are great for writing you menu, allowing you to easily add and remove new menu items as you see fit.

Mobile POS System. Mobile POS systems allow you to easily take credit cards and other forms of payment while on the go. Square is one popular mobile POS system, but there are also many others to choose from as well.

For more information on establishing a great food truck, check out great food truck resources like Roaming Hunger and Mobile Cuisine (as well as our site, Food Truck Builds Miami, of course!)

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