5 Of The Most Popular Food Trucks in Miami

popular miami food trucks
Miami has a unique and lively environment that brings together some of the best food trucks in the one-of-a-kind atmosphere that is Miami.
The food truck movement may have originated in Los Angeles and New York, but it has come in full swing to Miami, FL and continues to dominate. From the young to the old, foodies of all ages enjoy Miami’s food trucks, with each truck boasting a unique personality and their own colorful style and design.
Today we’re detailing five of the most popular food trucks in Miami. Read our list and get hungry!

1. Sugar Rush Food Truck

Sugar Rush is one of South Florida’s first dessert trucks, offering a truckful of cakes, assorted desserts, and pies.

Sugar Rush specializes in dessert, coffee, cookies, waffles and cupcakes. The most famous of their dishes? Cupcakes with butter cream and other tasty confections!

miami food trucks

Sugar Rush travels all over the South Florida including areas like West Kendall, Doral, Miami Lakes, Hialeh and Pemproke Pines. Sugar Rush prides itself on using only ingredients of the finest quality such as Nielsen Massey, 100% natural flavors, whipping cream, butter milk, pure cane sugars, whole milk, whole grain flavors, and the best quality of chocolates from all over the world.

Sugar Rush urges you to stop by and indulge with them. For more information, check out the Sugar Rush website. You can also add Sugar Rush on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

2. Jefe’s Original Fish Tacos Food Truck

Jefe’s Original Fish Tacos Food Truck offers irresistible fish tacos. At only $2.50 per taco, you’ll have to exercise self-control to not devour them all (but don’t worry, we won’t judge if you have more than a couple)!

Jefe’s fish tacos are petite but overflowing with flavor. The tacos are made with delicately fried fish, along with plenty of lime to douse them in.

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Want to grab a taco or two? Check out Jefe’s Original Fish Tacos Food Truck. You can also add them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. They also offer beer and wine services at the “Soul Shack” restaurants.

3. Che Grill

Che Grill is a food truck that specialized in delicious Argentinian sandwiches, with favorites like the vacio sandwich (flank steak sandwich), the grilled chicken sandwich, and the skirt steak sandwich.

Che Grill also offers great beef or chicken empanadas – the perfect snack to enjoy while strolling on the beach. Che Grill regulars know they never need to be shy with the chimichurri sauce, as it will only delight your culinary palette.

che grill miami food truck

In addition to class act street food, Che Grill is also a full service catering and event planning company, dedicated to providing high quality grub at events in South Florida. Che Grill also won 2013 Best Argentine Restaurant in South Florida!

Interested in grabbing a bite or hiring them out? Get in contact with them at the Che Grill website. You can also reach out to them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

4. Latin Burger and Taco

The Latin Burger and Taco specializes in a few main dishes – and I bet you’ll never guess what they are! The Latin Burger and Taco truck dishes up tasty burgers like The Latin Macho and the Pulled Pork Sandwich, plus a variety of mouth-watering tacos.

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All dishes at the Latin Burger and Taco are made with all fresh ingredients that are hand selected for quality.

To grab a mouthful at the Latin Burger and Taco Truck, get in contact with them on the Latin Burger and Taco Truck website, or say hello on Facebook or Twitter.

5. Gastropod

The Gastropod is one of Miami’s first food trucks, serving up gourmet food by Chef Jeremiah in a remarkable 1962 Airstream!

gastropod food truck miami

The Gastropod is a customer fan favorite, with popular dishes like the famous Old Dirt Dog Short Ribs (a short rib hot dog on a potato bun) and Stupid Slaw, the Banh Mi Pork Tacos, and the Red Curry Duck (see their full menu here). Gastropod isn’t the cheapest food truck in Miami, but you still don’t need to expect to pay much more than about $10 (which is a steal for some of these stellar meals).

Get the latest Gastropod news from their website, or hit them up on Facebook or Twitter.

Food Trucks Miami: A City That Loves Mobile Food

Miami is a town with enough rich and famous individuals that for many, enjoying life is not only a lifestyle but a hobby. This love of food shows in the city’s abundant number of awesome, irresistible food trucks(in fact, Miami has it’s own food truck association, which you can learn more about at: http://foodtruckassociationofmiami.com)!

What makes the food truck we listed today popular? Well, great food for one (which is a no brainer). These truckers also work hard to market their food truck and ensure it gets the attention and recognition it deserves.

How about you – what’s your favorite Miami food truck? Share your favorite in the comments!

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