10 Places for Food Trucks to Find Customers

Finding new food truck customers isn’t always easy, which is why we’re dishing out 9 hot spots for finding new customers.

1. Colleges and Universities

Colleges are full of hungry, grub-loving students who will be happy to make your food truck their lunch stop. Even better, college students are more hooked in to social media, meaning they’re more likely to tweet and post about your incredible food.

Getting a student following behind your truck can do wonders for building your brand reputation and bolstering your social media presence. Ideally, you’ll want to get on the college campus to catch students looking to grab lunch between classes (although you’ll likely need to get permission from the school beforehand). It’s also smart to set up shop before and after big college events or sports games.

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2. Office Districts

If you live in an area with office parks, these can be prime spots to catch workers as they take their lunch break.

3. Strip Malls

Malls or shopping districts are another prime place to set up shop. You’ll need to get permission from property owners, who may or may not agree. While some shopping districts likely won’t be pleased with the prospect of a food truck (especially if the mall already has it’s own food offerings), some shopping areas may be game.

It’s especially smart to go after new strip malls or shopping areas, who may have not yet had a chance to put in food vendors but who will want to give shoppers an eating option (which also keeps them from having to leave the shopping area for lunch or dinner).

4. Tourist Spots

A steady flow of tourists means a regular stream of hungry mouths. If you’re able to park yourself outside of popular local destinations or hot spots, you’ll likely be able to generate a nice line of customers.

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5. Movie Theaters

Movie theaters can be another profitable spot to set up shop, especially on Friday nights and weekends. Grab movie goers as they leave for dessert, or market yourself to teens looking for a night out. Not all theaters might be game though, as your presence could affect concession sales.

6. Sporting Events

Get yourself parked by a stadium or sports arena to feed hungry game enthusiasts. Also consider parking nearby for smaller local sports events like little leagues games.

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7. Events, Festivals, and Fairs

Create a list of major local events in your area and in surrounding areas, and try to make yourself available for the hungry masses. In some cases, you may be able to get official partnerships with towns and get prime spots. In other cases, simply parking yourself somewhere near the action is just as good.

8. Beaches

Parking your food truck near beaches lets you sell your food to sand-covered beach goers. Just make sure to get any necessary permitting or permission beforehand.

Many popular Miami food trucks are pros at scouting out great beach front spots to gather sandy grub-lovers!

9. Public Parks

Public parks are also great spots for selling your grub. Again, you’ll want to make sure you get proper permitting and the go-ahead from the local parks commission.

 10. Bus / Train Stations

Transportation centers are great places to park your food truck, as hungry travelers will quickly stop by for a bite on the go.

Whether you’re a food truck, food cart, or food trailer, these locations should be great for getting new customers! For more ideas about where to scope out new customers, get in touch with your local food truck association or chat with other mobile caterers and trucks to see where their favorite spots are!

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